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As many huts, so many are the old ones words that apply perfectly to zacusca. Starting from local and micro-local zonal recipes, the methods of preparation (some types of zacusca are still prepared over a wood fire - most of them in our online store), the types / varieties of local vegetables used to prepare zacuscas, you get to The conclusion is that they not only differ from one historical area to another, but sometimes even in the same locality from one street to another. So it is with mushroom zacusca, gheba spread, yellow mushrooms spread, boletus mushroom spread zacusca, dwarf trumpet zacusca (one of the rarest forest mushrooms that tastes like truffles), the taste, their consistency differs from one area another by the fact that the mushrooms are from the forest and not from the industrial culture. At the bean zacusca we only say, in Arieseni, for example, it is also rich in vegetables and has a sweet taste. For fish zacusca, one of the most unique recipes by taste is the one from Sarata Monteoru in which mackerel is used (you would say it is commonplace, but we assure you that it is not so, because this zacusca is so well proportioned to the taste of vegetables In the same way, every traditional Romanian zacusca has a story behind it, a recipe (which is older or newer), a passion, a fire, and so it remains the most appreciated and consumed aperitif in Romania, and let's not forget, we are the online store with the greatest diversity of zacusca in Romania in all areas of the country. Scroll and convince yourself!

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