The user can return the products under the following conditions:

1) The user must notify the Company of his intention to return products purchased by any means of written communication (email, phone, etc) within maximum 10 working days of receipt products and / or services.

2) The return must be made under the Ordinance 130/2000, applying the definitions contained in Ordinance 130/2000 art. 2 letter) .: "The consumer has the right to cancel the distance contract without penalty and without giving any reason within 10 days of receipt of product, in case of services, from signing the contract. The only charge that may be made to the consumer is the direct cost of returning the goods. "

3) The consumer has the obligation to maintain and deliver original packaging and labeling of products ordered, attached to its initial state. If they are damaged, the Company reserves the right not to reimburse or to change to another product. The package will be sent back to the user / client, it will bear the transportation costs. Defining original packaging: packaging product, located inside the package in which it is transported by courier company.

4) Recall will be done by the same courier company (FAN Courier for Romania and FAN Courier - Foreign Divisions to customers outside Romania), explicitly specifying that all return transport costs are borne solely by the Client / User. Both load transport by courier accredited products, as well as costs fall exclusively within the User / Customer.
The company does not pick up parcels sent by Romanian Post, which should be collected from post offices.

5) The user has the responsibility to ensure that the products that made reference will be returned to the Company within 10 days of receipt of product, otherwise the company will consider an application unfounded or invalid. In case the user / customer returns goods ordered from Producer / Company after a notice and they show traces of use / utilization, were unsealed / resealed, are not in original packaging, the labels are not intact, not accompanied by all documents that were sent (as proof of purchase invoice from the Manufacturer / Dealer), then producer / trader reserves the right to not accept the return, not return the money User / Client and sending back the User / Client products, it will to pay transport in this case. In all cases the return and re-shipping, user / customer, by accepting the "Terms and Conditions", confirms the assumption of all costs involved in the return / re-shipping.

The reimbursement of return Product will be accepted within 30 days of confirmation of return, IBAN bank transfer in the User / Customer specified in the return form. The transportation cost is not refundable. Value of additional services representing the transport, but not limited thereto will be paid by using / Client and will not be refunded.
For the avoidance of doubt, and packages products containing substandard products in terms of aesthetic, have visible signs of deterioration are not in good condition, they will be refused. In this regard, the manufacturer will shoot in this package courier and / or products and will prepare a report which will be specified condition of the package and / or products. The consumer has been informed that a number of ordered products cannot be returned due to their specificity with a high degree of perishability such as: royal jelly and apilarnil.

The steps for making return:

a) send to address and email address of the manufacturer data on your intention;
b) wait to be contacted by us or by the manufacturer, will send "return form" to be completed;
c) insert in the package, the product and the invoice or a legible copy thereof, and the return form with IBAN bank account holder name (required data transferring money);
d) check that you have provided products during transport;
e) send the package with the same courier company, within 48 hours of completing and submitting the return to the producer;
f) check that the data mentioned on the package to be complete and correct:

Sender: Name, Surname Address: Street, Number, City, Country, Department, Phone, E-mail.
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