Black alder buds

Black alder buds DACIA PLANT 50ml

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Black alder buds DACIA PLANT 50ml is a nutritional supplement that contributes to the normal functioning of the cardiovascular system.


Black alder buds is a natural product made from purified water, alcohol, glycerin and black alder buds.

It has No preservatives or artificial colorings.


This supplement helps the normal functioning of the cerebral and coronary circulation, helps maintain heart health by toning the arterial vascular system and normal blood clotting.

Alder reduce the discomfort given by the allergic factors, and normalizes the secretion of corticosteroids.

It is recommended for healthy vein walls, arteries and capillaries.


For adults and youth over 15 years old, take 50 drops added to 50ml of water or tea, 3 times per day, on an empty stomach.

For children between 7 and 14 years old, take 30 drops added in 50 ml of water or tea, 3 times per day, on an empty stomach.

For children under 7 years old ask the doctor's advice.

Because this product contains alcohol, it should be administered cautiously for people suffering from viral hepatitis, toxic and metabolic steatosis, cirrhosis. This product is not recommended for people allergic to any of its components, or those who take prescription drugs that prevent alcohol consumption.

BioShopRomania supermarket promotes authentic Romanian producers only, Romanian organic products and traditional products certified natural. The products we offer for sale in the shop comply with all legal requirements in force for domestic and international sell.

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