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Tatoiu recipe, immunostimulatory and energizing, 200g

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Tatoiu recipe, immunostimulatory and energizing, 200g This product contains honey, royal jelly, pollen, propolis (water extract no alcohol) and although it is of exceptional quality, not cure cancer. It is designed to help the body fight disease, strengthen your immunity to.

BioShopRomania supermarket promotes authentic Romanian producers only, Romanian organic products and traditional products certified natural.. The products we offer for sale in the shop comply with all legal requirements in force for domestic and international sell.

Because the composition of propolis extract used in water (not alcohol), royal jelly properties are perfectly preserved. In addition, it can also be consumed by people drinking ban (liver).

It is recommended for convalescence, decreased energy, asthenia, intărirera immune system, detoxification, exercise and mental

Directions / dose: Adults: 1 tablespoon / day taken in the morning on an empty stomach. Children: 1 teaspoon / day taken in the morning on an empty stomach. (do not eat or drink for 30 minutes after administration)

Precautions: The product does not replace the treatment prescribed by your doctor. Do not use diabeticilor.Nu are people who are allergic to bee products. Do not administer to pregnant or lactating women. No influence on the ability to drive or use utilaje.În case of oncological diseases (tumors, cancer), ensure that no banned from consuming bee products. Do not use (domestic) children under 1 year. This product does not treat cancer but strengthens the body to fight the disease!

Product warranty is 18 months from date of production.

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