Chokeberry juice Pas Stramtu Farm 500ml

Chokeberry juice Pas Stramtu Farm 500ml

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Chokeberry juice Pas Stramtu Farm 500ml - 100% natural juice obtained by cold pressing method without preservatives, without sugar or water addition. Chokeberry juice is a great source of vitamins and antioxidants and is suitable for both vegans and diabetics.

Properties of chokeberry fruit:

  • Chokeberry helps in detoxification - due to the concentration of catechin and lutein or carotene, chokeberry is a powerful antioxidant that helps eliminate free radicals in the blood, skin, testicles and organs, preventing mutations that can occur.
  • Chokeberry improves the immune system - in addition to all the important antioxidants I mentioned, chokeberry also contains large amounts of vitamin C and stimulates the activity of white blood cells, helping to produce collagen. Collagen repairs organs, cells and blood vessels.
  • Chokeberry helps to support cognitive function - among the main effects that free radicals have on the body, representative is the destruction of neural connections that reduce cognitive ability. Aronia fruits increase neural activity and strengthen bonds, reduce oxidative stress in the brain and reduce the risk of Alzheimer's, dementia or other similar problems.
  • Chokeberry helps eyesight - the carotene in its contents reduces oxidative stress in the eyes and prevents eye degeneration and the development of cataracts.
  • Chokeberry is useful for regulating blood pressure - having a high potassium content, these fruits have beneficial effects on the heart because potassium has a dilating effect. By relaxing the blood vessels, blood pressure will drop and blood flow will increase and the chances of a heart attack will be greatly reduced.
  • Chokeberry has an antibacterial effect - recent studies have shown that chokeberry has a great impact on colds and bacterial infections that can occur in the respiratory tract. Therefore, fruits can be eaten to combat these problems but also for preventive purposes.
  • Chokeberry has a number of benefits for diabetics - the dietary fiber in chokeberry fruits also helps keep blood sugar balanced and prevents sudden rises in blood sugar, which can be extremely dangerous when people have diabetes.

With its cleansing and detoxifying effects, chokeberry helps effectively eliminate toxins and other compounds that can damage the body's balance and cause excess fat or water retention. These aromatic fruits, absolutely wonderful, regulate blood sugar and cleanse the blood very efficiently so that we can reduce the fat deposited on the organs.

Warranty period: 12 months from the date of production.

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