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Acacia Honey, 400g Apisab

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Bio Shop Romania - Supermarket online, shop with a wide range of Bio food, Natural and Traditional Romanian products;

Acacia Honey, 400 g Apisab, is a Bio product. It contains vitamins B1, B2, B6, B12, enzymes, flavoane, flavonoids, aromatic compounds, plant hormones, organic acids (lactic, oxalic, citric, malic), dextrin, nitrogen compounds. Just before the harvest Acacia honey's color is transparent,but that depends on the combs it was made. This can have shades of pale yellow or colorless to light yellow..

BioShopRomania supermarket promotes authentic Romanian producers only, Romanian organic products and traditional products certified natural. The products we offer for sale in the shop comply with all legal requirements in force for domestic and international sell.

Acacia Honey has a nice taste, is viscous fluid, and no signs of crystallization when fresh. Crystallization is a natural process and depends on the ratio of glucose and fructose in honey composition and temperature. Due to the large amounts of fructose, it does not crystallize until after a year and a half two years, but not even then entirely.

Product warranty is 12 months from date of production.

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