Nettle Birch and Chestnut Bicarbonate Shampoo, Ceta Sibiu 200ml

Nettle Birch and Chestnut Bicarbonate Shampoo, Ceta Sibiu 200ml

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Nettle Birch and Chestnut Bicarbonate Shampoo, Ceta Sibiu 200ml - contains bicarbonate as the main ingredient that regenerates the hair and restores its vitality. Bicarbonate is a fungicide, regulates pH and prevents dandruff. By nourishing and moisturizing, phospholipids create a protective film and restore the skin's barrier function and their anti-irritation property soothes itching.

Natural chestnut, birch and nettle extracts act intensely with anti-inflammatory effect, strengthen the root and prevent hair loss. The split ends are visibly reduced and the natural sebum production is balanced. Baking soda gives hair shine and long-lasting volume, from root to tips.


•treats skin irritations of any kind • neutralizes unpleasant odors • cleanses pores and removes red spots • reduces sebum and balances natural sebum production • regulates pH • has fungicidal effect and limits bacterial growth • deodorant


• are present in the structure of cell membranes, having a role in regulating the exchanges between intra and extracellular compartments, as well as in activating enzyme systems in membranes • due to their specific composition, phospholipids are able to counteract the harmful effect of detergents by protecting the skin's natural barrier; forming a protective film that adheres to its entire surface • maintains skin hydration and natural lipid balance • helps regulate pH, treat skin irritations and remove red spotsi


• helps regenerate the root and hair • balances the natural secretion of sebum • fights dandruff and hair loss


• strengthens and regenerates the root • stimulates hair growth • fights dandruff


• capillary tonic, activates blood circulation in the scalp

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