1) BIO / ECO PRODUCTS Organic, bio-organic products are made strictly from plants and organic ingredients that have not been genetically modified and not receiving other added chemicals. These products, whether organic food, organic cosmetics, organic care, cleaning closets or supplements, is the newest trend in terms of how to live healthy. Products certified as organic, bio / organic or organic are synonymous terms. Their use depends on the period required in a given geographical area - for example in the Anglo-Saxon term organic is used (including the USA and Canada), in the German official term is used ökologisch ("green"), while in the same space bio term is used in context to describe a product marketing certified organic and Italian space is the term used for bio. These products can be characterized and are individualized through production and processing standards codified in national law or, if the European Union and the United States at Community level. REGULATION (EC) NO. 834/2007 of 28 June 2007 can be downloaded from:

An organic food, bio, organic, is a product which used in the composition minimum of 95% ingredients that come from agriculture Ecological (according to European legislation).

An organic food product has the following characteristics:

  • does not contain synthetic food additives (so-called E-numbers, for taste, smell, color);
  • no preservatives than those permitted by existing environmental legislation;
  • ingredients are not derived from genetically modified organisms (GMOs);
  • the composition of ingredients do not come from soils treated with pesticides or chemical fertilizers (or herbicides, stimulants or other chemical treatments that may have contaminated organic product);
  • products not be subject to ionizing radiation; in the case of animal products, they come from animals not treated with antibiotics or growth hormones;
Of course a food organic product can consist of ingredients whose origin is 100% organic. These products are premium and place in the top bio products with a very high quality level.

2) NATURAL PRODUCTS Natural foods generally refers to foods that are not altered chemically or synthesized in any form. They are derived from plants and animals. This is not necessarily a natural food and organic and vice versa. It comes from conventional agriculture, but is not used to getting food additive synthesis. Natural characterizes a product that is found in nature, unprocessed, unadulterated, pure. By extension, a series of products based on natural ingredients which are labeled in this way. A natural product and is defined by a product that relates to nature, which belongs to nature that is generated, produced, created by nature without human intervention, genuine, clean, pure. The natural product is devoid of artifice, of refinement, of affection, simple, pure, unadulterated, wild, pure, genuine, unartificial.

3) TRADITIONAL PRODUCT Romanian food certification and registration are provided in the National Legislative Framework Order no. 690 of 28.09.2004 of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, to approve the conditions and criteria for the certification of traditional products. Traditional product must be obtained from traditional raw materials, to present a traditional composition or a mode of production and / or processing reflecting a technological process of production and / or traditional processing and clearly distinguished from other similar products the same category; A traditional certified product:
  • it is made from traditional raw materials;
  • It shows a traditional composition or a mode of production and / or traditional processing;
  • itself is traditional, or express traditionalism;
  • it is conforming to a specification established by the certifying authority;
  • confirm that traditionalism is not due:
  • the provenance or geographical origin;
  • belongs application of technological innovations. team has nearly 10 years experience in contact with authentic Romanian producers and our goals for a healthy life in harmony with nature and tradition, we decided to clarify the defining of these terms associated food and nonfood. uses cookies. Continuing site navigation is considered acceptance of cookies usage policy. For better experience in our site, we also use analytics and marketing systems according to data protection policy.