Povestea sarii din Carpati, Radu Lungu

The Story of Carpathian salt by Radu Lungu, Paideia Publishing House

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The Story of Carpathian salt by Radu Lungu, Paideia Pablishing House - sodium chloride, table salt, rock salt, halite in fr., Is monominerarla mineral and rock that was formed with other sedimentary rocks, after about 13 to 14 million years.

White gold earth, decisive component of the food people and living things, used in different foods to preserve them, but also used by the Egyptians in embalming mummies. Since interest is difficult, while salt is a precious commodity in the world of merchants of spices. Salt is also inspiring myths, stories, folk tales, fairy tales, fables and parables.

The salt was also subiecutul many wars, and in the past to change the slaves salt. Phoenicians, Romans expoatat and then transported by sea, but was slow regression (NEC fluactuat mergitur) Roman vessels, Salacia, controlling the price of salt, increasing it or bringing it to the poor citizens, for PANEM, et circenses .... et salem ...

Roads were ways medieval land of salt that was transported from white gold salt mines at places of sale, among which are famous salzstrassen, salzwegen in Bavaria, Salzburg, Hallstadt or Hallein in Krakow. In the Old or new Testament, we read Jesus' words, addressing them to his disciples: "You are the salt of the earth", showing them how precious they are. The book appears as ultra-stylish, format L4 and is a gift Remarkably, each of we.

Formed 70X145 and 128 de page.

Edition bilingual.

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