Pachet cadou Carte si Vin, Curatorul de Zacusca texte gastronomice si Vin pentru Zacusca Sauvignon Blanc Domeniile Averesti 750ml

Gift Package Book and Wine, Vegetable Spread Curator - gastronomic texts and Wine for vegetable spread Sauvignon Blanc Averesti Domains 750ml

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Gift Package - Book Vegetable Spread Curator gastronomic texts by Cosmin Dragomir, GastroArt Publishing and Wine for Vegetable Spread Sauvignon Blanc Averesti Domains 750ml. Ideal to read the first book about vegetable spread (zacusca) in Romania in the company of a dedicated concept wine.

The package contains:

  1. Book - the most awaited book of gastronomy and culinary history dedicated to the vegetable spread zacusca (and not only) of 2021. Format: 23.5cm / 17cm. I Pages: 431 pp. I Full color & richly illustrated I Edition in Romanian language.
  2. Bottle of wine - Sauvignon Blanc - dry Averesti Domains, alc. 14.4% vol., 750ml., savory, refreshing and exhilarating that envelops with its taste of freshly cut apple and discreet aroma of shock. Limited edition.
  3. Resinous wood crate: 35x25x14cm, 900g

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