Povestea tuicii, Radu Lungu

A story of Romanian strong drinks, Radu Lungu, Paideia Publishing House

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A story of Romanian strong drinks, Radu Lungu, Paideia Publishing House - the crisis into which the Ottoman Empire following the failed siege of Vienna (1683) and the Habsburg army offensive, the Romanian principalities had become the theater of military operations. It happens during the war of 1787-1791, carried by Czarist Russia and the Habsburg Empire against Crescent.

Amid this European military conflict occurs episode "funny" spent in Banat Caransebes. Here's what they say about "Battle plum" of 17 September 1788. The Austrian army of about 100,000 soldiers and established camp around Caransebesului. Vanguard, consisting of a contingent of hussars, passed Timisul for the presence of the Ottoman army. As there is no sign of this Turks hussars were "hit" instead of a group of Gypsies who have offered to sell some schnapps.

Soldiers riding bought schnapps site and have Incept drink. Soon afterwards he crossed the river and a group of marines habsburgici.Cand saw the party was planned, foot soldiers and they wanted alcohol. There was a hot discussion between the two sides gird is a beating sister to death. In the middle of "fight" some infantry began shouting (in Romanian so ...) "Turks! Turks!", Making them the Hussar was running on fumes, being convinced that the Ottoman army attack is imminent. Most of the infantry also began to spread. This is because the Habsburg army was made up of all sorts of "ethnic" not necessarily mastered German.

The situation worsened when officers, in their quest to restore order, started to shout "Halt! Halt!", Which was "translated" into "Allah! Allah!" ... Seeing rush Hussars by Habsburg camp, one of the commanders thought it was a cavalry charge of the Ottoman army, opening fire as he ordered. Troops opened artillery fire on any shadows. Two days later, the Turks discovered a "vanguard dead" ...

Formed 70x145 and 222 de page.

Edition bilingual.

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