What dish did Constantin Brancusi drive his friends crazy with?

by Ciprian Dinca

Find out with what preparation Constantin Brancusi "crazy" his friends and neighbors, in Ep. 3 of The Journey through Traditional Culinary History. Simple and never healthy! Also, the story of this dish with a rich history is found in many Romanian culinary stories. And the French diplomat Paul Morand also tasted the dish with us: "We enjoyed a food that melted in our mouths, delicious unctuous. What is this? I asked. Polenta. Polenta that the peasants eat? Yes, because we, spoiled townspeople, eat it with mesh, cheese and sour cream, while the peasant eats it dry and cold. It is our national food ..... "You can find many other stories about Romanian gastronomy in the best-selling book gastronomy of the year Curatorul de Zacusca scrisa de Cosmin Dragomir (for order click the tex).

Curatorul de Zacusca texte gastronomice de Cosmin Dragomir, Editura GastroArt 2021


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