We opened BioShopRomania - the largest Romanian online supermarket dedicated exclusively to organic food, and traditional natural

by George Burda
BioShopRomania - magazin cu produse romanesti bio-produse traditionale naturale

Dear friends, after two years of hard work today swinging the only way to supermarket online Romania Romanian producers dedicated exclusively to authentic Romanian bio products, traditional and natural. So starting today the most varied natural Romanian products made in households across the country, are present in BioShopRomania.com online store. Because the products are handmade, most are not found in retail shops or other high street shops.

We keep our promise to promote domestic and international Romanian products so successful. Also in the sense of promise, We prepared online shop BioShopRomania.com a more diverse range liking all your family members: zacusti, jams, sweet dessetrs, honey, syrups, staple foods, teas, whole grains form flour, flakes, seeds, soy products, oils unrefined and cold pressed, syrups invert sugar, bee products and energizing honey-based products for diabetics, Dietary Supplements, dried fruits, essential oils and aromatherapy, cosmetics and many more.

We are launching the store nearly 1,000 Romanian produced exclusively now, but We refilled daily with new products, so the total number would be later than 6000.

Products are certified organic, certified natural and traditional and deliver them to you directly from households producers thus keeping their freshness and taste of yesteryear. Access to products in the store is light and easy and secure payment systems are diverse choice each (cash, credit card or online payment order). Everything was designed to make use fewer polluting resources.

In other words, we want and we think together with you we will turn the store space with the greatest diversity of Romanian ingredients to suit your tastes and managed together to prove that we can live healthy in harmony with nature "for beatiful life" .

Thank you for joining us!


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