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by George Burda
Carti de gastronomie BioShopRomania

"I begin this article with an exercise in honesty. It's been a year since we launched the first book publisher and avoid the mistakes made then waited another year before I printed other books, during which we have learned from past experience. Quality graphics and printing of books is growing and we have plans for future volumes and higher. Moreover, to increase the quality of services outsourced to third parties selling books. The first place where you can order volumes is bioshopromania.com (here: GastroArt Publishing House books delivery by DHL worldwide).

GastroArt Publishing House aims to reprint all books of Romanian cuisine, contemporary culinary print volumes. We also launched a new collection of books dedicated to specialized areas related to gastronomy (anthropology, ethnography, history, archeology, etc.).

Understanding titles if you know that you think would fit feel free to write us contact@bioshopromania.com.

"Booklet profession chef - cook book printed in 1695 in Cluj, "a translation of the first Hungarian medieval history made Cluj József Lukács, the signing and introductory notes and study. (272 pages - 58 lei).

This book marks many firsts more than worthy to be mentioned and underlined: the oldest recipe for cabbage from us, the oldest recipe for cabbage Cluj oldest bread recipe on the current Romanian territory. Finally, "for the reasons we can say that Sofia Tofeus can be recognized as the author of the first four parts of booklet chef profession and thus, the first author of Romania which was printed work."

Booklet chef profession

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"Bread, food and symbol. Experience of the sacred ", the researcher Varvara Buzilă is the first volume of the collection dedicated to specialized studies about cooking. (352 pages - 43 lei). Amount represents a study entografic depth about bread and pastry ritual present in consumer habit of Romanians. Editing it is part of the project are trying to map #hartapainii by traditional recipes from us and build a history of bread, cereals, milling and bakery industry in Romania."

Bread food and symbols

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„Romanian cuisine. More comprehensive book of recipes of dishes and buffet "owner: Christ Ionnin, Bucharest. Typographia Stephan Rassidescu appeared for the first and only time in 1865 and used for the first time, the terminology" Kitchen Romanian ". I was in the aftermath of the 1859 Union-n until 1878 when recognition is granted independence, times when "Romanian" & "Romania" only began to impose. I made this very brief digression to explain what the title may seem misleading, since the recipes in the book are not necessarily authentic. (96 pages - 32 lei).

Bucataria romana, Carte coprinzatoare de mai multe retete de bucate si bufet 1865 de Christ Iónnin, Editura Gastroart

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Cookbook from Cluj (1695), 272 pages - 58 lei

Bread, food and symbol. Experience of the sacred, 352 pages - 43 lei

Christ Ionnin - Romanian cuisine (1863), 96 pages, 32 lei

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