Walnuts - benefits and properties for the body

by George Burda
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Healthy and very tasty nuts are foods of autumn, we should not miss in any season. What we know about nuts is that they green colors our hands, but few of us know that these seasonal fruits prevent cardiovascular diseases, increase immunity and lower cholesterol. Walnuts are considered brain food, essential nutrients for health because it contains the nervous system and function of the entire body.

Says that green nuts are a symbol of life and fecundity, and green bark has astringent properties, due to its high tannin and iodine, the disinfectant used in natural products or in the preparation of natural dyes hair. Nutshell green can be used for removing warts.

Especially appreciated in the diet, you should know that nuts contain a variety of nutrients such as calcium, iron, zinc, magnesium, selenium, potassium, folic acid and vitamins nelipsitele A, B, D, E, and F.

There are multiple benefits of nut consumption, but few can be mentioned, very important for our body: prevent cancer, prevent premature skin aging, contributes to rapid regeneration of hair, help you lose weight, being included in various diets.

Antioxidants in fruits core regulates cholesterol in the blood and also the blood pressure. Eaten regularly, walnuts reduce the risk of heart and fight depression by acquiring a state of calm.

Walnut kernels fried combat urinary tract infections, but also can be used by people to get rid of anemic or cough.

Green walnuts or walnut kernels are used in cookery for making two very popular products, green nut jam and liqueur.

Green walnuts are good for jam late June until near the end of July.

Products containing this fruit beneficial human body.


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