Romanian bio natural products and traditional form of Easter Gift Baskets

by George Burda
BioShopRomania magazin online cu produse romanesti bio si traditionale naturale

Dear friends , Easter holidays it's getting closer and we thought we meet your needs and offer Romanian organic products and traditional natural form of gift baskets. Not just because we fought in the current wave of eco trend, but because we want to bring a novelty in this period. We believe and hope that we are synchronous with you, to gift baskets with Romanian traditional healthy foods is an inspirational and gifted individual impact is much higher than for common standardized pimples. We are sure that you will remain for long in the soul or the one that you gifted a Romanian traditional basket.

On the other hand, we want to announce with joy that we will be present with a booth at SPRING FEST - Palm Sunday and Easter Fair in Bucharest Mall, between April 20 to 29. So if you have time, you're welcome at our booth (positioned at the Starbucks downstairs lane in front of the store Lacoste) to know our stories and goodies and traditional Romanian natural bio certified.

Good to hear!


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