Remedies for winter: Pure mother bee milk Bio effectively for a healthy body

by George Burda
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Cold season brings the immune system vulnerability due to humidity, a temperature inversion and cold. Thus, the remedy for a healthy body comes straight from the hive as mother bee milk.

It is a good stimulant for the immune system and restorative grace nutrients, vitamins and enzymes. Mother bee milk is the only source of 10HDA acid which serves to increase the resistance of the body in fighting disease. Experts recommend courses of 4 to 6 weeks each spring and autumn.

Also, mother bee milk contains acetylcholine, a substance that mediates nerve impulse transmission. It contains vitamins: B5, B3, B12. They serve stress, lower blood pressure and higher brain functions and help maintain a steady blood sugar level.

Mother bee milk has no artificial hormones in content so that help overcome fertility problems by stimulating the body's proper functioning and essential hormone secretion own processes involved in fertility. This preserves natural food and skin health.

You must know that mother bee milk is not medicine in the strict sense, but it is a very effective supplement can most effectively.

It can be used both adults and children as follows:

- Children: between 0.25g and 0.5g per day;

- Adults: between 1g and 2g per day


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