10 Benefits of Plums for the body

by George Burda

Plum is the second most cultivated fruit tree in the world. Romania ranks first place in Europe to plum acreage.

The fruits are fleshy and juicy, dark blue colour, and they taste delicious, bringing many benefits to the body.

10 Benefits for the body:

1. They are perfect for relieving constipation and digestive problems, as they are rich in dietary fiber, sorbitol and isatin.

2. It protects the heart. Fresh plums contains about 113 mg of potassium, which helps to manage the blood pressure and reduce the risk of stroke.

3. Protects you against cancer and against cell damage, due to the content of anthocyanins, the red-blue pigment.

4. Helps the body to develop the resistance against infectious agents, prevents the inflammation and cleans the free radicals.

5. Prevent diabetes. They have a low glycemic index, so you can eat plums to control blood sugar levels and reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes.

6. They improve the bone health. Eating plums during diets with calcium and vitamin D supplements, you can improve your bone mineral density.

7. They are low in calories, they are very effective during diets (a small-sized plum contains only 30 calories).

8. Plums helps the iron absorption in the body, due to the source rich in vitamin C.

9. Plums extract can kill aggressive breast cancer cells.

10. Improve your brain memory. Plums are full with antioxidants which have been found beneficial to slow the development of Alzheimer's disease.

Plums can be used in many recipes, from breakfast cereals, desserts, to pickles, and so on.

You can also make Romanian traditional alcoholic drinks from plums, such as traditional Palinca, traditional Tuica, plum brandy and plum wine.

One of the most popular dishes is the traditional plum jam.

From your pantry you should not miss the plum jam and the plum compote.


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