Pollen it's food for Bee but beekeeping product miraculous for human body

by George Burda
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Pollen - a bee product miraculously, he is feeding bees and contains over 96 different nutrients, 40 types of proteins, amino acids, vitamins and folic acid.

A spoonful of pollen is produced by a bee in a month, working eight hours a day. Each pearl bee pollen product contains over two million pollen grains floral and a tablespoon contains over 2.5 billion such granules.

Bee pollen is richer in protein than any animal source contains more amino acids than the same amount of beef, cheese or eggs. Amino acids and vitamins, protects your skin and helps cell regeneration.

Experts say that pollen is part of the 22 recommended foods to increase energy levels. Bee pollen product, used in medicine, contains large amounts of rutin, a bioflavonoid antioxidant that helps strengthen blood vessels, fixes problems and corrects circulatory cholesterol levels. Its anti-clotting could prevent heart attack or stroke.

This bee product offers a rich amount of vitamins, minerals, 22 amino acids, enzymes, globulin, polypeptides, peptones, nucleic acids, lecithin and many other beneficial substances. Bee pollen offers all essential nutrients for development, but at the same time beneficial to the human body. Improves memory and energy levels and is also an ally in weight loss diet, if you choose to include in your daily diet.

Pollen found in a wide range, and if ingested beads are too difficult, try the powder, powder or tablets.

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