Miraculous properties of beans

by George Burda
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Beans is a plant that is part of the legume native to America.De bean pod can be eaten both green or yellow, and the dried beans. Beans found in different shapes, sizes and colors. These varieties of beans can be eaten in a variety of dishes.

Beans are as rich in protein such as chicken, fish or milk. Few know its true properties. Beans beans is a true ally in weight loss.

The rich content of nutrients makes it a very healthy food for the human body. Beans contains the highest amount of fiber of all vegetables. It also contains a variety of vitamins and minerals including calcium, phosphorus, potassium, folic acid, magnesium and iron.

Calcium and phosphorous play a vital role in bone health. Potassium works with sodium to maintain a healthy blood pressure. Folate is a B vitamin, often associated with pregnancy health. He is required to produce and maintain new cells.
Magnesium has many purposes in the body: supports muscle and nerve function, keeps the immune system takes care of bone health and blood pressure and helps metabolize energy.Iron is an important part of transport proteins in blood oxygen and promotes healthy cell development.Bean consumption reduces risk of heart and lowers blood pressure due to the existing level of potassium in fiber. Beans are good for people with diabetes due to low glycemic index it contains.

Eating beans has other properties:

-decreases the risk of colon cancer and breast cancer;

- Used as a remedy for liver failure;

- Reduce the risk of diabetes, balancing sugar levels in the body;

- Decreases the risk of infection;

- Improve digestion;

- Delays aging;

-intareste immune system.

Beans are a healthy substitute for heart abnormalities and prevents births.

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