10 reasons for a healthy life. Eat Romanian organic food and natural traditional products!

by George Burda
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We want to offer here 10 reasons to eat Romanian organic food and natural traditional products to have a healthy life you and your family. We believe that the arguments are much more favorable, but share with you the top 10:

1. Romanian organic products are grown without chemicals. The fertilizers used are completely natural and are derived from products that in turn have lived and developed without chemicals or other synthetic elements. Animals in the bio grow outdoors livestock are fed organic feed without antibiotics or synthetic drugs. Bio culture is done on an agricultural land for two years does not bear any chemical treatment. The environmental benefits are obvious.

2. For children, organic foods are more beneficial, they are more susceptible to the harmful effects of toxic pesticides elements. Remember that pesticide packaging drew them famous sign for poison! A study by the Federal Institute of Health showed that in the blood of children up to four years who were fed a bio at birth is six times less toxic waste than in the blood of children who were fed industrial classic products.

3. European Institute of Agriculture confirmed in some studies that lasted five years as vegetables, fruits and grains resulting from bio crops are 15% more rich in nutrients compared to industrial products, and the taste is much better.

4. Eliminating pesticides is a factor beneficial to our health and our environment. If crops are not treated with pesticides, making them no longer necessary and thus reduce the amount of CO2 released into the atmosphere through the process.

5. Organic foods have a dual antioxidant content compared to the industry. Pesticides and chemical fertilizers consume more than half of the biological reserve of antioxidants to neutralize the chemicals they absorb from the soil. Consequently, bio culture is rich in antioxidants than the classic.

6. Bio products are constantly reviewed and are re-certified regularly as a result of the laboratory analysis, which is an additional guarantee of quality. In organic agriculture apply 25 filters and controls more than industrial production.

7. Organic foods have a warranty period less than the "chemical" as a result of not using pesticides.

8. Organic agriculture and animal husbandry have created a new lifestyle, the main reason is the respect for nature and advocate a healthy life in harmony with nature and traditional values.

9. Organic fruits and vegetables are picked only maturity. There can be picked ripe raw and artificial during transport as they are not subject to chemical treatments or ozone to make them resistant to transport and storage.

10. Organic farming offers the added value of agricultural labor, more responsible producers and consumers and offers a middle way between respect for nature and the human need for healthy food.


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