Coming soon - For beautiful life, Health food store

by George Burda

Well, dear friends, a handful of people who believe that everyday life can take place under the slogan "for Beautiful Life", I decided after a year and a half of hard work (and several research), to come in meet your needs and your families to live healthy by eating organic Romanian products, traditional Romanian products and natural products so popular, but hard to find in one store.

Thus was born the online store,, who planned to bring you closer to your favorite products.

What do we want? I think we are in your consent when we say that we want to promote authentic Romanian food products and non-food products made in farms and farmsteads, products that meet genuine sincerity manufacturers. This will be found in store offer only products accompanied by veterinary certificates, certificates or certified organic natural product.

Well, yes, we intend to promote these products and therefore Romanian producers both nationally and internationally and promote the country's image through its most price: ancestral traditions. I realized that store powerful tool to promote the needs of all Romanian producers as online marketplace visibility.

That is why online shop platform was designed to offer easy access and easy from anywhere in the country or abroad. The permanent work together with our team that you order the products they arrive in the shortest time possible on your table. And to keep them fresh, they will be shipped directly from manufacturers farms. Sometimes we are going to make mistakes but we will accept from you, of course, any suggestions and complaints to improve our services.

Why? Because we want to demonstrate with you that we emphasized to live healthy in the consumerism time in harmony with nature without cannibalizing and benefit to all the physical and moral life more beautiful and healthy. Soon we will prepare the store for orders.

Thank you for joining us!

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