Come onboard to open the first BioShopRomania in Bucharest

by Ciprian Dinca
Showroom BioShopRomania

Dear friends, we come with good news!

BioShopRomania open its first store in Bucharest Friday, October 12th, from 16:00

After three years of activity we launched online in the online marketplace performance platform in Romania, dedicated exclusively Romanian producers across the country, with investment of 20,000 euros, it was time to open his first showroom (physical store) in Bucharest. The online platform we managed so far to offer over 2,500 products from over 70 authentic Romanian Romanian produced certified (growing). Also, the elapsed time through the integrated logistics we can make known Romanian products through direct delivery, throughout Europe, Canada and USA (winning this year permit FDA - Food and Drug Administration for export to the US) and later this month will enable delivery service worldwide. Moreover, 15% of visits are clients overseas, from which we get constant feedbacks extraordinary quality of Romanian products.

So it's time to say hello, Romanian producers shop!

I mean, a place dedicated to Romanian products crafted certificates traditional, organic, or natural, a place to get to know and make friends, to taste and taste the wonders of nutrients produced by traditional methods throughout the country and to tell you about the history of manufacturers and areas of origin.

Thus, we make a foray into the Martanus (jud. Covasna), the second area in Europe labeled for air quality) from where jams and syrups traditional certificates, by cold pressing, prepared only at fire wood, from fruit grown in the local orchard.

We will tell, and confirm with tastings, as two sisters dropped the functions of multinationals and they went to work at his grandparents' house at the foot of Ceahlau Mountains where prepared by traditional methods zacusti delicious pickles, and jams, fruit picked from the forest. Moreover, their products are certified as mountain product.

We enjoy your senses with products made by local manufacturers in Maramures, united in an association that fail to revive old recipes Romanian. For example Dacian garlic jam prepared by conventional means after a recipe that is lost in history.

We will show products Saschiz (town with most cellars in Romania, which help conserve natural traditional products throughout the year, without the need for refrigeration modern) specific jud. Mures, so popular (consumed) including Prince Charles of Wales.

We will tell how Romanian flours in our store are ground in jud. Timis, rustic stone mill, grain certified organic. Did you know for example that spelled is the oldest of grain and wheat ancestor shared with a delicious taste reminiscent of walnuts, being known since antiquity with exceptional benefits body? Well, you learn from us! Also joy, we taste and full-range environmental Romanian wines made painstakingly and passionately vineyards Jamu Mare or range of spirits Muscel made recipes XIX-th century.

And we are talking about products Romanian traditonal authentic, we will enjoy the look of them authentic handmade made by folk Bucovina and popular masks and icons peasant painted on glass by craftsmen authentic (some of them over 70 years and put her whole life in the service of preserving Romanian traditions).

And we have many more beautiful stories of Romanian products made with passion for the beautiful people, the Romans dedicated to authenticity, which we (we count on your fingers), those from BioShopRomania, we dare to call them all over the world.

As you already know, already, all products are certified probing guarantee taste, healthy ingredients, the origin and sincerity.

Therefore, we offer a unique space in Bucharest where you fulfill all expectations healthy or visit us directly or site that placed the order and pick it up from the store you want and time allows.

You're welcome, Friday, October 12th, starting at 16:00 Str. Caesar Bolliac no. 8, Sector 3 (entrance from Str. Matei Basarab) to enjoy together!


BioshopRomania Team



BioShopRomania by Event Bazar

Cezar Bolliac 8, Sector 3, Bucuresti


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