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by George Burda
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Often appearing prejudices on this issue: candied or crystallized honey has the same properties as the liquid honey? Or if the honey is crystallized means that adding an amount of sugar? Certainly many of us, we put these questions, questioning the quality of honey purchased.

Crystallisation of honey or saccharification process is absolutely natural. This process is typical of most varieties of honey, than honey locust, alfalfa or hand which crystallizes harder. Thus candied honey is neither false and it was not added sugar.

Why crystallizes honey? Honey is "living food" that does not die when removed from the hive. While honey "work" begins to form crystals, honey "is zahariseste".Hence the myth that honey saccharification occurs because, as a beekeeper added sugar.

By crystallisation of honey, sugar amount remains the same, only under condition of sugars pass into solid solution. This natural process does not change the qualities of that product. From the chemical point of view, the phenomenon is that glucose is less soluble in water than fructose. Practical change the proportion between the quantities of fructose and glucose. The phenomenon apparently is not fully elucidated, but over time, the amount of glucose increases in the proportion of fructose expense under the influence of low temperature therefore small crystals begin to form glucose. Many believe that honey has crystallized due to water evaporation. Not true, if heating the honey back to the original viscosity.

Thus, candied honey retains its therapeutic qualities taste and all they had in a fluid state.

Why did I buy candied honey? While many buyers prefer to buy a liquid honey in place of candied paradox it is that saccharification may be an indicator of honey quality.

If however, we want crystallized honey, we can melt the honey jar in warm water entering it, but be careful as the water temperature to be 40 degrees Celsius. If this temperature is exceeded, then the honey loses a lot of qualities. Treatment is temporary because the honey will crystallize back faster than the first time.

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