Benefits consumption of spelled wheat

by George Burda
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Spelt wheat grain is the oldest common ancestor of wheat, with a delicious taste reminiscent of walnuts, being known since antiquity body with exceptional benefits.

What makes it particularly toward common wheat? First the many nutrients it contains manganese, phosphorus, magnesium, copper, zinc, fiber, protein, vitamins A and E, complex B vitamins and niacin (vitamin PP), and that is easily digested because proteins and starch structure. Nutrients from spelled wheat are more easily assimilated due to their outstanding solvency in water, which means that the process of digestion is more efficient and less intense. This makes the spelled wheat to be recommended in the diets of young children, sick or elderly athletes that dieters with high carbo. Spelt wheat positive effects of help in treating children neurodermitis and skin diseases, confirmed as the best way to treat their basic diet.

Spelt wheat benefits:

- Reduce risk of arteriosclerosis, reduce the risk of breast cancer;
- Help in treating disorders of metabolism and digestion;
- Improve the training of blood and nervous system stimulates metabolism;
- Stimulates the kidneys;

- Help in treating degenerative diseases;

-decreases cholesterol;

- Decreases the acidity of the body, is basic;
- Has a vitalizing effect on patients with depression, due to its high L-Tryptophan;
- It has a stimulating effect on the immune and inflammatory because of its thiocyanate;
- Reduces the risk of developing asthma in children with eating fish;
- Reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Spelt wheat is found in the full version, in the form of grain or flour version. Spelt flour can successfully replace standard wheat flour.

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