Bee propolis natural antibiotic

by George Burda
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Propolis is a resinous substance, brown or green-brown, with a pleasant, poplar bud, honey, wax and vanilla, proplisul is a very famous and sought medical world.

Propolis is an excellent antibiotic that acts progressively inhibiting bacterial growth, restoring damaged tissue by them, favoring excess mucus from the airways.

There are two ways beekeepers harvest this medicine: Scrape it directly on the walls hive of bees or greater efficiency by building a special collection, which takes progressively production bees, which so stimulated to collect increasing amounts of propolis .

Remedy tradition in herbal medicine in Romania, propolis can be found easily from beekeepers or crude form of Bulgaras brown or liquid, such as tincture in alcohol. Propolis crude quality is recognized by a specific odor (sweet and sour) very strong, and lack luster (gloss has a lot of propolis wax in it and as such, its properties are greatly diminished).

A piece of propolis size of a hazelnut is also suck a sweet, much as we can, so its active principles to take effect locally. Treatment is recommended in infections of the mouth, pharyngitis and tonsillitis in.

Daily administration of propolis can also prevent high blood pressure and heart rhythm disorders, while normalizing the amount of cholesterol in the blood and having the role of restoring elasticity of blood vessels.

Propolis tincture diluted in water is not taken because certain substances in its composition precipitate (harden) in contact with water, becoming insoluble and therefore pass through the body without effect. Also, the propolis tincture is not simple, because in contact with the saliva will produce the same effect as in the case of dilution water.

All internal infectious diseases leading to fever treated with 30 drops per day.

Propolist consumption tincture is recommended:

- Menopause, for one year, 10 drops daily.
- The inflammation of the prostate, 30 drops daily.
- Hypertension, 30 drops daily, until healed.
- For inflammation of the kidneys and liver, twice daily 40 drops each, available in a 100 ml glass of warm water until healed.

- For stomach ulcer or enteritis, available daily 40 drops in 100 ml warm milk. Drink on an empty stomach.
- From corns, keratitis can be treated as follows: bedtime soak a piece of cotton wool in propolis tincture and place on the painful day can use propolis salve (Attention keratitis still remain painful for days).

- After shaving, we wash our face, in 100 ml warm water add 40-50 drops of tincture of propolis.
- For those suffering from pulmonary tuberculosis, three times a day, 30 drops internally and weekly, are inhalations twice with 100 drops of tincture of propolis per liter of hot water.
- For those intoxicated is beneficial administration of 50 drops of propolis tincture in 100 ml cold water to sober
- In mycotic diseases between toes, diseased sites are smeared with propolis tincture.
- For stomach pain, recommended 50 drops of propolis tincture in 100 ml water. Pain disappear quickly. The composition is also recommended in case of intestinal parasitosis, twice daily on an empty stomach.
- For tooth ache, place a cotton ball soaked in tincture of propolis (bee glue put on clean gums painful or carious tooth relieve pain and prevents infection).

Meanwhile, propolis tincture, combined with a teaspoon of honey taken in the morning on an empty stomach, can eliminate the annoying symptoms of colitis fermentation and putrefaction.

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