Apilarnil - male counterpart of royal jelly

by George Burda
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One of the most valuable Romanian inventions is apilarnil a beekeeping production drone larvae. Larvae is its basic raw material. Thus, apilarnil that is obtained from the collection of larvae at 7 days of age. Because it contains a large number of male sexual cells, it has always been associated with reproductive health of men is recommended as a remedy against infertility.


Apilarnil, natural bee product, appeared for the first time in Romania in 1980, made of nutritional ingredients and drone larvae, minerals and vitamins. Is a rare and very hard to get asked. Has the consistency of yogurt white-yellow, with a sweet-sour aroma is perishable and kept frozen. The thawing is mixed in variable proportion honey.

Because thermal storage conditions, beekeepers recommend this bee product consumption combined with raw honey or pollen. Store in a refrigerator, but mixed with other bee products can be stored at room temperature.

Used for therapeutic, should follow doctor's advice.

Due to the high consumption of testosterone recommend athletes and highly active people. It is used successfully in cosmetic preparations for various eye disorders and enhance memory, increase immunity and increases resistance to disease, have revitalizing effects, and psihotonice biotrophic. But it must be consumed with caution by diabetics. Although people are the big boys in benefiaciari of this product (potency problems, increase the number of sperm), he must avoid the consumption and use by women (premenstrual syndrome, mastoze, nodule mammary, dismanoree, etc.). Often compared to Viagra, apilarnil is an excellent adjunct to the harmonious development of young men with bio-stimulative qualities, antiviral bringing extra energy to the body.

As one of the most powerful products of bees apilarnil in combination with honey or pollen becomes an ally of health and fight disease.

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