Acacia honey a good soothing cough

by George Burda
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Honey is known from ancient times, but officially recognized as a medicine since the Middle Ages. Among all types of honey, the fragrance is sweeter and acacia honey.

Acacia honey is a flower honey, meaning that bees were faithful to a single type of flower and pollen have been collected only from Acacia. It has a pleasant taste, is viscous fluid, and no signs of crystallization when fresh.Honey contains vitamins B1, B2, B6, B12, enzymes, flavoane, flavonoids, aromatic compounds, plant hormones, organic acids (lactic, oxalic, citric, malic), dextrin, nitrogen compounds.

From the physical point of view, acacia honey is almost colorless in time to harvest, but depending on the type of honeycomb and bees collect pollen from which region may have different shades of golden straw yellow or very pale yellow.

Crystallization is a natural process and depends on the ratio of glucose and fructose in honey and component temperature. Due to large amounts of fructose, it does not crystallize until after a year and a half two years, but even then entirely.

The smell is specific. Must keep in mind however, that strong smell of acacia honey is a sign of counterfeiting by introducing an infusion of acacia flowers.

The main quality of Acacia honey is soothing cough, it is antiseptic and is used to treat fatigue and neurosis.

Therapeutic indications

Acacia honey is recommended for:

  • help blood circulation
  • bronchopulmonary infection
  • against asthma, common cold, rheumatism
  • help sleep
  • sclerosis, pneumonia, tuberculosis
  • in memory disorders
  • cancer, cardio vascular diseases.
Acacia honey is an excellent tonic for children, convalescents, for strengthening the immune system and pregnant women.

It has a fructose content higher than other types of honey (41.7%) and contains 10% sucrose and maltose and glucose 34.7%, with pH 4.

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