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by George Burda
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Dear friends, in the next period will inform you, in a series of articles about the authenticity of Romanian traditional products, organic products and natural products. We do this because in the vast industrial products existing food shelves in online or traditional (retail) slips each time by setting products, technological process of preparation and ingredients have no connection with the actual products following certificates. It is better to inform carefully to know what will consume the material, but especially to protect your health.

We all appreciate traditional foods, that are tasty, healthy and lead us to think of traditions and picturesque places of origin. But how can we have the guarantee that we eat on the traditional authentic? The differences between traditional and conventional products are often unnoticeable, especially for those who do not know exactly what color, taste, odor or consistency should have such a product.Romanian traditional products market dynamics intensifies from year to year. Once this dynamic offer traditional products increased and the customer remains vulnerable, especially if they are not informed about what is actually a traditional and knows nothing about the producer.

Romanian traditional product is made exclusively from local raw materials. Based on a recipe and a traditional machining process, the result is a genuine product and easily noticed among other related products.

In such a market, where tradition and authenticity is lost among the many products that mimic authentic, there are several things you can do to buy products 100% Romanian (see our guide to get it here: Clarification product certification):

The simplest way to check if a product is certified traditional one, especially if you are already in front of the shelf is to search national logo on the label. Since December 2013, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) has imposed labeling Romanian traditional products with a logo which mentions that the product is certified by MARD, the top side with signs of traditional product and the bottom ROMANIA a tricolor background (as you can see in the photo below).

Logo Produs Traditional Romanesc Atestat

If you're a consumer convinced of Romanian traditional products, a very simple thing that you can do is to check if what you intend to buy is on the list of certified products. This list can be found on the official website of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and shows the exact manufacturer and product name that has been certified as complying product ingredients and traditional recipe.

If you're not convinced of the authenticity of the products, do not be afraid to ask the dealer where it is produced or from which they are produced. It is your right and responsibility to know his last answer. Careful! The markets do not necessarily offer traditional products. Ask the seller about the origin, production and ingredients and even then, follow the labeling rules and traditional product accordance with the above.

They began to appear increasingly more stores specialized in selling organic products and traditional products, both in the online and physical. Are many sites in the online that claim to sell traditional products, but these are not traditional certified, but "sounds" better and sell better if they advertise as being traditional.Inform yourself before ordering. Also, due to demand increasingly higher traditional products and new regulations, supermarkets and hypermarkets I make available special racks with these products. But note that some products are called "traditional" only because the recipe or the kind of product.

Always read labels carefully and inform yourself about E's harmful and those allowed in recommended amounts.

In our online supermarket products are listed in each category BIO products, Traditional products, Natural products, according to their certification, thus respecting the Romanian and European legislation in force.


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