About Us

www.BioShopRomania.com is a shop run by the team SC Event Bazar SRL., Company with Romanian capital, promote and sell nationally and internationally Romanian only genuine products from across the country.

For 12 years we are in permanent contact with authentic Romanian producers and so we understood the need to promote the products bio / eco, natural and traditional Romanian both nationally and internationally.

Thus, through this platform we provide online performance of all consumers of natural products made in peasant or traditional farms following the motto that guides our activity "for beautiful life". Because we urge everyone to consume natural products and thus to live in harmony with nature, our shop only sells veterinary products accompanied by certificates, certified organic, eco, traditional certificates.

Our strategy is all about facilitating your access only authentic Romanian products both nationally and internationally acclaimed. We propose, therefore, to promote Romania's image in the world by its most price: ancestral traditions.

The store aims to offer the largest range of traditional Romanian products, natural and bio and his ahitectura was done so to be as easy and useful for you, buyers and suppliers. We work here to satisfy all tastes whether you live in Romania or in other European Union countries and beyond.

Thank you that you are with us for a better life in harmony with nature and Romanian traditions.

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